Monday, February 22, 2010

VERY STRANGE DREAM [Environmentalism]

LAST NIGHT I DREAMED: I was the only protester when a company I worked for replaced all employee cell phone batteries w/big fat hairless glow-worms. The electromagnetic pulses inside the worm energized the phone. Yet the poor creatures were squashed and tortured to live horrific experiences inside the phone (their casket).

When my own functional yet traditional cel phone batteries were replaced, forcefully, it became painful for me to touch my cel phone (it radiated so much from the worm's suffering and death.)

My own value system suffered! While I tend to shout "Save Earth" the reasons for using the glow worms (instead of Nickel Metal Hydride in current cel phone batteries) was that glow worms were organic, compostable and good for the environment (also much cheaper to produce).

Yet how could I possibly conform to what was "good for Earth" when the poor little creatures agonized so terribly! I wanted to "SAVE THE WORMS." Screw how toxic the old batteries were!

{Really makes me wonder why I dreamed that vivid dream ... }

For The Love Of Gnomes

The following Gnomes were found hiding out around the Seattle Flower & Garden Show. (Enjoy the pictures.)

Yellow gnome.

Weather-worn gnome.

Forest gnome.

Christmas gnome.

Chomsky gnome.
Gnome bench.
Blue gnome.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yard Photos Taken Today: Feb 18, 2010 (Kent, WA, USA)

Crocuses are blooming all over my yard (thankfully). I bought my yellow variety two years ago by auction at the Enumclaw Sales Pavillion and have been so thrilled with their vibrant performance so early in the year I planted more! (See more colors, below!) ... note: you may double-click on ANY photo to enlarge it!White . . . (bought these bulbs from McClendon's Hardware store)
and purple stripes! {What a blessed way to welcome spring!)

I'm also fascinated by this Elderberry bush (pictured below) that I rescued from a site to be bulldozed two years ago. (Naturally I followed legal protocol for collecting it.) It grew so fast and was rather gangly-looking so I trimmed it this year, even while it's a native bush and I've never heard of anyone trimming Elderberry before. Just look at the fascinating growth on it already! I'm thrilled!

Next is my Flowering Red Currant. Obviously it's not in bloom yet -- even still, the stems offer such vibrant red for this time of year. (Beautiful!)
Here's kinnikinnick (below) looking rather tired after winter's cold but the berries add lovely color to this season. This was another plant I rescued by networking with the Native Plant Society (they gave me access, as a Watershed Steward/volunteer, after I dug up many other plants for resale at their nursery).
Next is a baby Magnolia tree that I purchased and planted last year. This tree stands maybe two feet tall but already it's showing an vibrant eagerness for spring!
My Oregon Grape transplant (another rescue) is native to Western Washington.
I just love the following pink bells on this early-budding bush!
Primroses seem to be in bloom early this year . . .
The photo below is taken of a rather small bush (about 3 feet tall now) but it sure captures everyone's attention blooming in winter as it does!
I love ground-covers that bloom. My goal is to eventually eliminate ALL of our lawn with much more colorful (lower maintenance) ground covers like this next one.
Look at the brand new blossoms on my old Rosemary bush (below).
The following fountain did not survive its first winter ... bought this at Home Depot ... it was rather cheap (think I paid $39.00). "Ya get what you paid for," the old adage goes.
My very young chickens wanted to be photographed today ... these are the "Top Hat" Polish variety and I thoroughly enjoy their company. They're all only 4 months old so they don't lay eggs yet. Meanwhile, they've made plenty of manure for the winter compost!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Enumclaw Sales Pavillion . . .

I'm so excited to realize the crocuses are in bloom here in Western Washington. Aren't they beautiful? I planted these a couple of years ago and I'm just thrilled with how gorgeous they are. What a beautiful reminder that warmer days are coming!

Doug and I went to the Enumclaw Sales Pavillion on Saturday to sell a rooster (I only want hens in my coop ... the rooster is adorable but I don't want to upset my neighbors with his crowing). While there ... we caught breakfast and enjoyed the weekly offering of FREE live music (very short video, below. (Very sorry I turned my camera to shoot this. SHEESH!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seattle Flower & Garden Show (2/4/2010)

I volunteered at Seattle's Flower & Garden Show, inside the Convention Center, for Bats Northwest today. The turnout was awesome. I pretty much talked to visitor after visitor non-stop and really enjoyed their enthusiasm for the native bats here in Washington.

Below are a variety of photos I took all around the garden show. If this doesn't get you feeling eager for spring and the gardening season ... I don't know WHAT will!

Antiques play a large role in many of the gardening designs (as you will see the more you scroll down).
Can't you just hear the frogs croaking their melodies while looking at this next shot?
Bonzai trees ...
Metal art ...
Burch support poles . . .

Religious statues ...
More vintage decor . . .
A more Victorian-feel . . .
Garden statues serve as planters . . .