Monday, March 8, 2010

Altars EVERYWHERE: Gnome & Frog Gardens

Here's a really old gnome (couple) that' I've had in my garden for a while now ... [click any photo here to enlarge it]
My husband Doug's birthday is this week ... and he LOVES gnomes so I bought him an early present, below. Gotta love the mushrooms I purchased with it. (This gnome is a bobble-head. It wiggles from a spring at the waistline.)
The next photo is a new thing I'm doing in my yard. Since Doug likes gnomes, I thought I'd build a garden to magically draw more gnomes into our gardens. Here's the front side of that newest altar.
The next photo is of the back of our gnome altar.
Here are my two garden helpers: Artemis (the pug) and Freya (the dachshund). They certainly tug on my heart every time I look at them. LOVE our fur-angels.
This year (2010) presents the very first March in 5 years of living here when my forsythia bush bloomed and it wasn't covered in snow.
Below is my personal sacred space ... I keep creating safe places for frogs and amphibians to live in our yard and so far so good ... we've got frogs croaking all the time (feel very sad to know they are endangered.) PEOPLE STOP USING PESTICIDES AND WEED KILLERS PLEASE!
The next photo is of an altar inside my home. I hope it doesn't reek too much of dogma (because we're not into organized religion at all). I feel working in my yard and hiking the woods is the best possible sanctuary for me, spiritually. Meanwhile, I do like powerful symbols from some religions and I collect such. I have Catholic items to honor Doug's upbringing. I also have a collection of Egyptian pantheon in statue form about my home to honor mythology and more free-flowing ideas of spirit.

I found this (next image) cast iron cross at the thrift store for $3. I bought the Goddess who stands on crystals yesterday from Crescent Moon Gifts in Tacoma (awesome store).

I hope this arrangement symbolizes the free-flowing Goddess worship rising out of the ashes of terribly controlling religious fundamentalism.


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