Monday, August 16, 2010

Crocosmia, Vintage Barrel, Missing Chicken


Front yard: Crocosmia. My mom gave me the bulbs for this beautiful flower; the plant had spread in her yard so now I get to enjoy it.

Crocosmia up close

We're enjoying incredibly hot weather here in Western Washington this week (90+ temps). I've been making sure to water early in the morning, or late at night, to give our gardens a healthy experience on these hot summer days.

Inside our back yard aviary: "Hercules" (my Russian Fantail Dove - female.) She puffs out her chest quite often so I named her after the mythical power-monger.

Bought this vintage wheelbarrel, pictured below, at an antique sale in Puyallup this past weekend. My sister, who shopped with me, said she wanted me to send her a picture when I "did something" with it. So here it is, Jennifer! That awesome old wheelbarrel with new plantings!

Here's a more panaoramic view of that same wheelbarrel.

Late yesterday afternoon, when I went to put the chickens up for the night (we allow them to roam our fenced yard -- where every fence is 6 feet tall) one of my hens was missing. It was only six p.m. and all the other hens were waiting for me on the back porch. I thought the hen might have hid herself for the night and hunkered down in the bushes somewhere but she hasn't reappeared this morning. I hope desperately that she returns (would hate to think an owl or eagle took her.) There's no sign of predation. I don't think coyotes can even get inside our yard. This is what the missing hen looks like (below).

My little sister knows I collect frogs for my gardens. She gave me these three leaping frogs on Sunday (look closely if you want to see them).

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