Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gotta Love Fremont {Thanksgiving 2009}

Doug and I decided to spend Thanksgiving down in Fremont today (Fremont, if you don't know, is located on the northern part of Seattle, WA). Imagine my surprise when I saw this temporary placement of a huge statue featuring Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Russian Communist. Note: Neither Doug nor I wanted to POSE with this statue. Meanwhile, it seems a resident of Issaquah, WA, saw this bronze art tipped over in Russia and he mortgaged his home to bring it to our state. It's now for sale by the family that survives him. . .

[Double-click any photo to see it up close.]
This next photo makes me want to say "eat your heart out New York." Instead of piling our garbage in the streets, we designate our real estate in alley ways for for collecting recyclable materials as well as trash.
I was thrilled when I saw this very personable work of art -- a plethera of vintage chairs tied to a tree.
If a tree in my yard should ever break -- I'm going to turn it into a mushroom just like this one (below)
Finally, as we were leaving Fremont and drove through Ballard, we saw THIS mushroom. See how large it is (use the street lamp for scale)

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