Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Happy Yule Tree 2009

Our Yule Tree is nearly completely decorated (I still need to add my collection of red cardinal ornaments to it). I'm really sad how the photographs do not convey the true glowing ambiance of it. (This tree literally glows PINK in the most comforting and unique way, with its exclusively pink lights and pink or silver bulbs but the flash makes the tree look terribly ghetto red; sorry about that -- photos diminish the wonder of this work of art).

Beyond not being able to share the true beauty of this tree; I hope some sense of magic is able to emanate from photos. I've exerted quite a deal of effort collecting vintage elves and such for that goal.
I learned, from my daughter-in-law Skye, when she stayed with us last year, that having an artificial tree totally works in our household with two cats. I hadn't decorated a tree for more than ten years because the felines had always climbed our live trees, destroyed ornaments and risked their own well-being by getting tangled in the tinsel. [I also didn't want to do anything to support the whole Christmas materialism-consumerism idea but after years of processing the whole winter holiday phenomena I now feel I can have a Yule tree, honoring my own spiritual and environmental-responsible beliefs]. Putting a tree together is a very artsy thing to do {it's therapeutic even} as the decorator works with texture, color, and depth; arranging ornaments until they work well together, in balance.

The cats are absolutely NOT drawn to this artificial tree . . . so the Yule tree is BACK! {Hurrah!}
Richest wintry blessings and comfortable warmth to you now and always (from our home to yours).


Panademona said...

It is too bad the pictures did not meet your expectations but this looks like a truly wonderful Yule tree! I wonder if I will get to decorate a tree this year. There is absolutely no space in my dorm room and I am sure my parents will have put up our tree long before I arrive on the 27th but perhaps I will get to help Carson decorate his while I am down there for his staff Christmas party.

Carson and I also do not like the consumerism that surrounds the winter season but we agree that this holiday is more about spending time with loved ones than anything else. (Certainly I doubt too many people will mind that I am making them cookies rather than buying too many gifts this year!)

I absolutely love the elves! Do they have porcelain faces? I can just imagine the fiasco if you were to have cats climbing your tree!

SunTiger said...

Most of the elves faces seem to be made out of plastic; oddly enough. I'm confident nobody expects presents at all from you (not when you're in college). The fact that you're making cookies seems you are going above and beyond expectations! :-D

BonnieBehave said...

My tree is up, but I haven't put the finishing touches on yet. I'll have to post a pic when I do. Your tree looks great, despite the limits of the camera. I love those elves, my mom used to have some like those!

SunTiger said...

BonnieBehave ~ went to your blog . . . still don't see the holiday photos.

Obviously I love the vintage elves too. I'm going to keep on collecting them. {They're just fun.}