Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving Onward & Upward {Like The Fool}

Life-time struggle. I finally just gave up. I'm going a different direction -- just to fully "Be" without being near someone I love who continually bosses. No longer am I swimming that up-stream battle-tide (when maintaining my ideal means consistently banging against the most incorrigible personalities). Making that decision to move on feels so much better. Finally. {{I was insane to keep such relationships going for so long. Stupid ideals. Expecting a different reaction by repeatedly loving (doing the same thing) is just crazy}}.

Funny how - regardless of how much self analysis I do -- I'm always finding aspects of myself that need to improve. "Letting go" of something that doesn't work is sometimes very difficult.

I'm sending distant Reiki ... asking the Universe to heal relationships without me needing to be present; in the muck.

Time to do as this Tarot Card suggests. Move ahead in faith, like The Fool, trusting to experience a better tomorrow.


Breath-e said...

cheers to new beginnings. Best wishes, always, all ways.

Fijufic said...

On to the next deal my dear friend. Hope all is well.


SunTiger said...

Breathe-e ~ I like that always, all ways comment. {{Thanks}}.

Fijufic ~ All is well. Stay warm Bobby!