Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Worst Christmas Party Ever

I just got home from the absolutely DUMBEST holiday party ever. The host would read a riddle and guests were supposed to guess, from her clues, what was hidden inside a wrapped holiday box.

It might have been an alright game if the riddles had made any sense. Meanwhile, clues the game master provided for a pair of safety goggles included the hint that they were something "you played with as a child."
{{?Safety goggles?}} Yep!

Another ridiculous example for the horrid riddles (giving false info): "You can only use this item in ONE place. It is often used during road-side emergencies to warn other drivers of a hazard."

Answer: (if you're thinking emergency FLAIR -- you're WRONG) The only answer they allowed: helmet-flashlight!

I actually sat through more dreadful and irrelevant "riddles" like that. The evening became SO-o-o-o-o-o-o-o outrageously hysterical because of it. (Sadly, such was NOT the host's intent.)

OTHER PARTY TABOOS??? There weren't even enough chairs for everyone to sit down!!! Arrrrrrrghhhhhh.

Other people at our table kept allowing their unruly children to stand on the metal folding chairs. I kept worrying about the possibility that a chair could collapse and a child might get hurt. The parents also argued with each other about what one parent had told their daughter to do or not do. Bleh.

I'm laughing about it NOW-w-w-w-w but it's a while after I made Doug attend this party with me; and he was previously so tired from an extra long day at work.

{Very sorry Doug.}


Fijufic said...

Sounds like a good idea that had poor execution. Hey, at least you had a party...


SunTiger said...

It wasn't at my house (fortunately). I wish I had NOT gone to that party. Bleh. The FUN will begin at my house ... lots of planning for it. :-D