Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy "Søndag" (That's "Sunday" in Norwegian)

I'm excited. I joined a new Pagan women's group in Tacoma (can never have enough friends who share the same interests).

What's more, I participated in an awesome Ouija board experience the other day with a couple other women. We kept having Faeries and Garden Gnomes come through the board who spoke of spreading love, planting Hawthorn trees and the like. All three of us really liked the idea of planting more Hawthorn so while I already have such a tree in my yard, I'm trying to figure out what other variety of that incredibly beautiful tree I'm going to plant ... another pink blooming variety or the Washington Hawthorn (which has white blooms) called Crataegus phaenopyrum.


Panademona said...

That looks pretty! You and the garden gnomes have good taste! :-D

SunTiger said...

Thank you luv.