Thursday, January 14, 2010

Incensed With Fox Television -- Yellowbellied SLOTHS

UNfrigging believalbe. Fox television just broadcast MY SON's face, a US Air Force veteran, on the news while their yellow-bellied journalists talked about "charity scams." My son's video CLEARLY calls for donations through legitimate UNITED NATIONS efforts - the World Food Program!

What is
WRONG with FOX -- that lackadaisical, lazy, unprofessional news station? How DARE them slander my son or ANY caring American like that!

Here's the FOX video (featuring MY son)

Here's my son's actual video where he clearly asks people to
donate through reputable channels.

He's a caring, loving and respectable American. He just came home serving 3 years in the US Air Force/Korea last year.
THIS is how FOX TV treats our veterans???


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SunTiger said...

Just filed a complaint with the FCC
FCC's Fax Number (866) 418-0232
Subject: 10-C00188380 (Form2000 Filed Via The Internet)

Online form for anyone ELSE wanting to complain to the FCC:!input.action?form_page=2000E