Monday, February 22, 2010

VERY STRANGE DREAM [Environmentalism]

LAST NIGHT I DREAMED: I was the only protester when a company I worked for replaced all employee cell phone batteries w/big fat hairless glow-worms. The electromagnetic pulses inside the worm energized the phone. Yet the poor creatures were squashed and tortured to live horrific experiences inside the phone (their casket).

When my own functional yet traditional cel phone batteries were replaced, forcefully, it became painful for me to touch my cel phone (it radiated so much from the worm's suffering and death.)

My own value system suffered! While I tend to shout "Save Earth" the reasons for using the glow worms (instead of Nickel Metal Hydride in current cel phone batteries) was that glow worms were organic, compostable and good for the environment (also much cheaper to produce).

Yet how could I possibly conform to what was "good for Earth" when the poor little creatures agonized so terribly! I wanted to "SAVE THE WORMS." Screw how toxic the old batteries were!

{Really makes me wonder why I dreamed that vivid dream ... }

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