Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oyster Flowers

I finally captured a photo of my oyster plant flowers when they are fully open (see bottom two photos). This delicate purple flower only stays open for a few hours every day and every time I've tried to show them to Doug they've been closed (so the plant just looks like decorative grass).

While I had my camera out, I snapped a few other photos. It wasn't the best time of day for photography (too bright) but you can at least get an idea about what's in bloom here in western Washington, USA, right now.

I think Columbine are one of my favorite flowers (see below)
My little Hawthorn tree is now in bloom with its purplish/pink blossoms.
Unbelievably, my very first rose has already opened. I'd have waited until later in the day to take the photo ... but, like I said, I really needed to capture the Oyster plant when its blooms were wide open.
My yellow rose is just now forming its buds ...
And here's the exciting photos I've been waiting to post! OYSTER PLANT! The grassy leaves are edible as a salad and the roots are the luxurious treat (steam them like potatoes ... they taste extraordinary).
Here I've zoomed out so you can see how tall the Oyster plant gets. These particular plants are now two years old. They stand about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall.

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