Friday, May 21, 2010

Rainy Day In My Back Yard

I wish I had thought to pull out my camera even earlier this morning. It was such a stormy (dreadfully monsoon-sort of heavy rain day). Photos do NOT show how heavily the rain was coming down. I kept marveling to see so many different birds at our feeders in spite of it all ... woodpeckers, gold finches and more common breeds (such as robins) scattered about the yard.

Here's one photo that shows two finches feeding in the rain. (Left-click any photo to make it much larger).

Then along comes the dominant starling who acts like a schoolyard bully and chases EVERYBODY else away!
Inside the backyard coup/aviary things remained very dry. Here's "Baby" (hatchling from Bonnie who I bought at auction years ago. Bonnie is still alive and well and she looks exactly like her Ring Neck dove daughter except she's missing one toe).
Oh look! The chickens are hiding their eggs! I found no dove eggs this morning, but here in the corner of the nesting boxes I found two chicken eggs!

Here's Ruby. I have never seen the chickens fighting but she always seems to be missing feathers from the left side of her top hat. (She's easy to tell apart from her sisters because of this). I like the fact that I can look her in the eye, thanks to missing feathers!)
Another hen who I have not named yet. I keep waiting for some sort of unique personality feature to come out that will help me to label this black and white Polish hen. Like Ruby, she is also missing feathers from her headdress (only on her RIGHT side). Perhaps I shall call her "Cruella Deville" since she's colored like a dalmation and acts rather comically like the cartoon!

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