Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camera Fixed. First Set Of Photos ...

I was so tickled to have found this anitque sprinkler at an estate sale recently. People just do NOT make sturdy old-fashioned sprinklers like this anymore. Every moving part is METAL! (I think I paid something like $6 for this little treasure.) What I really like about it is: I don't have to spend a lot of time adjusting the spray direction (not like the rotaiting pendulum-sprinklers made today). I have gone through so many modern sprinklers. I reallly feel full of glee to have this sturdy vintage model on hand.


So glad I didn't pull these daisies below (showed up like weeds, basically).

Does anyone have any idea what plant-variety this next photo features? It's another species that just showed up spontaneously in my yard. I let it grow ... feeling (intuitively) that it had potential. Now that it's in bloom and I'm tickled by its flowers. {Clck any photo to enlarge it}

Crocosmia bloomed for the first time this week! (Photo does NOT do her justice.)

You can see from this mother hen and chicks plant, in its pot, that it rained a great deal this year (moss growing on the container).

I'll have much better photos to post next time. *Thanks for sharing in the fun.

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