Saturday, July 31, 2010

Deviating From My Yard Blog For One Post ... Estate Sales!

Doug and I ate at one of the most crowded, yummiest, redneck diners today. Yes. I hate to admit it but that is actually DUCT TAPE forming the dooor frame there on the left and they do actually have hideous-looking buckets on an ugly push-cart left out in the main dining room  (but the food is awesome) and we've never gone to this "Berryland Cafe" in Sumner without sitting down inside a very crowded restaurant. (Just goes to show, decorum isn't everything!)

PHOTO #2: Here's another photo about decorum. I admit it. This is my kitchen. I LOVE having "stuff" -- vintage stuff, mostly ... and my house is super small so I need to hang my collections on the walls and have many shelves and cabinets for holding my treasures. I do believe in having everything incredibly organized (so I can find things QUICKLY). [Those Feng-Sui experts who insist "less is more." just never appreciated the nostalgia and personality that collecting cool "stuff" brings]. What's more? My visitors stand in awe of my house; everytime they come.

This blue vertical magnet, below, is a brand new (and yet very old) treasure that I found at an estate sale just TODAY! {{Yayness!}} I've been collecting vintage kitchen utensils for quite a while now and I'm regularly looking for creative ways to put my finds on display.

PHOTO #4 (Saving the best for last) ... I actually paid LESS for this huge statue that I have placed in the window, photo below. When I bought it, today, I thought it represented Father of the Gods Ra, since it features  Egypt's Cobra (which Isis made when she gained her status as deity) and the Sun. Then, a freind on Facebook advised me it's actually King Tut

 Amazingly, I paid less for this huges statue of Tut (which is 27" tall) than I did for the little Goddess Isis, with her outstretched wings, many years ago; she's positioned there directly in front of Tut. How incredible are finds such as these???

I paid only $25 for this huge statue and it sells at the museum for more than $250.

It took me a while to convince Doug that I'd find a great place to put this HUGE likeness of Ra inside our little house but I can ALWAYS find more room for the most awesome treasures -- and if not; charity is always willing to take whatever I can no longer use -- I can always MAKE room).

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