Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EVERYTHING ROSES!!! [Click Any Photo To Enlarge]

This first photo includes the path to our chicken coup (there on the right). I'm really pleased with how fast my climbing roses are growing over the black iron trellis. I just planted them last year and the plants were very small then. Meanwhile, my rose trees (see one example in the foreground on the left) presents just beautiful and fragrant roses as well. 

These photos are untouched. Some may have been cropped (but that's all).

I'm so tickled with all the colors and variety of roses I have growing in my gardens. It's taken years of collecting plants (and accepting rose plants as gifts).

This yellow rose is one of my favorites due to the incredible aroma and just how prolific the flowers are on this little rose bush.

Not all young roses have a green tent for sleeping in the wild. This variety is special that way!

See? This next rose variety doesn't make the buds sleep inside green tents!

As difficult as it is to believe ... this next photo is completely untouched. The special effects were made just by shooting the sky in the background (and it's another atypical cold June day today -- here in Western Washington).

Look at all the character in this rose! Isn't it amazing?

This next flower, below, is called "swamp rose." It's one of the earliest varieties of roses (at least that's my understanding). This rose bush spreads pretty rapidly here in Washington ... it's a native plant! So naturally I have a few such bushes growing in my gardens.

Sorry for the blurriness in this next photo. We really haven't had much sun at all yet this summer ... hence I am working hard to just ignore the rust spots on my rose bushes (seems kind of futile to try and treat the plants when it's continually cloudy).

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