Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pink Peony ~ Just Before The Huge Lightening Storm

We've been having the worst sort of weather for June this year in Western Washington (USA). Of course: there's a Welsh saying: "Warm in January: Cold in May" (And it was ridiculously warm in January this year, so GUESS WHAT!) Meanwhile, this is JUNE already. It should be warming up. Right?

As we had a little sun out today ... the skies suddenly turned very dark. I ran out to snap photos (because cloudy skies make for the best pictures). Here's my peony!

Soon as I started snapping yard photos, however, a most horrific lightening storm began. With a very heavy downpour of rain, the thunder hit the same time lightening struck in my yard (no delay in sound).

My pug (who is usually barking a lot) was completely silent but our dachshund (whose most often quiet) was barking like nuts. We all ran into the house toward safety together! These photos are all I managed to get.

After I was in the house ... it still felt too dangerous to try and take lightening photos. These bolts were flying across the sky almost sideways. It was amazing!

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