Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Invasion Of The Evil Demon Slugs (Salt Goddess Banishes Them!)

It's been raining so steadily these past couple of weeks I haven't been out in the garden much. Yet I could not miss how our California poppies are suddenly just now starting to bloom! (Sorry this is a tad blurry. I'll try to post a better photo in the next day or two when the flowers open a little more.)

Check this out. Bumble bees seem not to mind the rain too much (see it working to the right; below).

Yellow pond lilies.

Single Pond Lily up close.

Invasion of the evil demon slugs. (Can you count all of them? I pulled more than ten off this flowering plant.)

Can you hear this flower (below) saying "Thank you Oh Great Salt-Wielding Goddess. You have saved me from demonic slug possession and utter ruin. Thank you!" 

This next photo shows one of the most aromatic flowers in my gardens ... Fire Witch. (I honestly cannot get enough of this blessed aroma. It's truly divine! Wish you could smell it through your monitor!)

And finally ... a front yard yellow rose ... hardy plant that does not seem to mind the rain at all.

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