Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Those of you who are familiar with this blog may be very surprised that I took the time to edit this photo, below, to make a political statement; when I never get political here. 

After learning that Sarah Palin's foul mouth is still creating horrific damage to our country, environment and world with the stinky things she's says to fumigate our surroundings ... I felt obliged to DO SOMETHING!  {{PLUG THIS POLLUTING HOLE!}}

The original photo for this work of art came from this article about Alaska's half-term mayor: blaming environmentalists for causing the drilling disaster. Hate to say it: Sarah's worse than an evil nightmare hag who wakes you out of your sleep as she sits on your chest, making you feel paralyzed where you cannot even breathe!  

Oh dear Mother Earth! Please tell us there's NOT MORE!  Sarah Palin Says 'Trust The Oil Industry' In Aftermath Of 'Tragic' Spill

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TheLubeFaerie said...

She is so absolutely unbearable! And oh boy... don't even get my mom started on her.

SunTiger said...

I know. I really resent it when the media pretends she's an icon for representing today's American woman. She's an IDIOT! She belongs on the Leave It To Beaver show (where everyone can just turn her off with the flick of the channel changer).

unicornibe said...

I agree, but I would rather teleport her to some empty space in the outer reaches of some Galaxy far, far away.

SunTiger said...

Unicornibe ~ It would definitely feel like a happier, more tolerable planet if we never had to hear from her again. (I'd agree to that!) LOL